The most powerful weapon to bring a change!


Education is needed for body and mind because the education that only brightens your mind but your heart is still malicious with bias, racial hatreds, etc – this sort of education is of no worth, not giving you the benefits in the perfect way.

Just educating the mind is not enough to become a helpful person in the society where you live in. Education is indispensable only when it makes you candor and frank-hearted. The prime objective should be educating your heart as well. For interesting facts, news, stories, articles, admissions, law colleges, science news, art and fun, and much more.

There’s no doubt that education is the only best peaceful weapon that can never damage anybody or anything you can use to bring a change in the society. It is necessary for all ages to become at home in this artillery including children.

When it comes to children, you are mostly supposed to teach them how to think rather than you are bent on teaching them what to think. That’s the key to the teachers with less effective control over the students despite all the efforts on their part.

Getting into education is the start of the actual life. You don’t get it for life. In fact, it itself is life. The fact is that getting an education is not as easy as falling off a log in a way that education has bitter roots but sweet fruits.

When there’s no education, there’s only ignorance. Nothing is more terrible than ignorance because where a society is awash with ignorance the righteous can’t get their right and there is no rule of law. Everywhere you see corruption, bribery, injustice and cruelty. Education is not only knowledge but also a candle of hope and justice.

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